HarTet Research Institute

This is the Research and Development (R&D) wing of the business responsible for conceptualizing, formulating and crafting solutions that are required to advance the interests of the company and those of our clients. With its team of highly skilled engineers and reliable partners, coupled with sound research principles, the unit supports the company‚Äôs agenda by guaranteeing the successful delivery of projects undertaken. We follow a rigorous software development and management approach that enables us to scope, design and execute our commitments to our client’s expectations reliably and realistically.

The core strength of this unit lies in its ability to craft solutions around Biometrics, Smartcard, RFID (including NFC) and Real-time Data Streaming Networks technologies. Whether it is for process improvement or optimization, deploying payment or e-purse solutions, enhancing security, or moving on with the times, we are capable of providing turnkey or bespoke solutions that meet and exceed expectations.
We have strong expertise in embedded software development (including FPGAs and micro-processors), mobile & web application development and relational database systems. We employ Computer Science concepts and principles in our solution design, and in doing so make use of modern development tools and keep to open standards where necessary.

Our Commitment to Continuous Learning

In addition, we offer practical, hands-on training to students and graduates of Computer Science and related discipline, as well as to industry professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge and proficiency in various areas of our expertise. Our passion for ongoing research, coupled with our strategic alliances with academia, both within Ghana and outside, keeps us relevant and poised to deliver world class tuition to our participants.

Our training programs are made up of courses in Computer Science and Computer Engineering including, but not limited to Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures & Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Electronics and Embedded Systems. The hands-on component is delivered through a series of practical exercises that demonstrate real-world application of concepts typically delivered on an embedded platform in the area of Biometrics, Smartcard, RFID and Real-time Data Networks.